Revealing the secrets to writing the best content and titles for SEO

Revealing the secrets to writing the best content and titles for SEO

Yes, there are secrets to it. You just can’t come up with anything at all and expect it to be ‘oh-so-perfect’ for SEO. There are tricks that you need to adhere to. Some of them are:

Make sure that you know your audience well

With the passage of time (and various trial and error situations), I have generally come to understand that in order to come up with an exquisite title and content for digital marketing, it is necessary for you to know your audience. Yes, you need to learn who you audience is and exactly why they have come on to your site. Learning this would actually make it possible for you to come up with titles and content that is totally compelling, and also delivers the right kind of information to them. Such content is bound to make them keep coming back to your website.

So, what sorts of titles have been doing well for a while? To be honest, looking over a few statistics it is fairly obvious that titles that use “How To”, those that imply actually getting to learn something and numeric lists are the ones that are by far the most popular these days. The best thing that you MUST take into consideration about such titles is that they are not overly focused on particular keywords and at times, go way beyond the requisite character count. Hence, when coming up with a title, do not limit yourself to keyword stuffing and/or character count worries. Let it flow; come up with something that actually holds meaning and delivers something that is totally worthy to your visitors and readers.

As said by SEO experts, when coming up with a title, you need to bear in mind that it has to be so authentic that people would actually want to click through and read it. Obviously, this means that you need to spend time thinking it up, right? So, what is it that you do, come up with a title first and then write your content or come up with content first and then write the title? In all honesty, it is best for you to spend a while thinking of an apt title and then let it guide the content that you are coming up with.

The power of lists

Coming up with lists is rather helpful. How? Well, it initially makes it possible for you, as the author, to voice your opinion over something in a manner that doesn’t give it a ‘press release’ look. The opinion that you give can be focused in a particular direction and you can come up with a preset finite goal towards the completion of the article. The best part is that lists make it easier for you to avert the clutter of substantial paragraphs.

However, this, in no way, means that every single piece of content that you come up with should be a list. No, there is a thing called the right place and the right time for everything. The crux of the matter is that you just need to come up with titles and content that actually delivers something meaningful and is not filled up with fluff!

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