Quick guide to mastering voice over documentary

Quick guide to mastering voice over documentary

Being a voice over artist is not an easy task and it is certainly not easy to incorporate all the different characters and expressions through your voice to make it as descriptive as the actions being performed on screen. There are several things which one needs to take care of and master in when it comes to voice over for documentary. Here are some tips to help you through:

Here are some qualities which you will have to develop overtime as a narrator:

  • You have to learn to maintain your calm while looking at the changed script and narrating the picture under pressure. 
  • To make things easier for yourself, try to envision the words on the page and then accordingly narrate so that you know what you are talking about.
  • Do not read but instead bring life to the words. Try to get into the writer’s mind and accentuate the right words along with expressions and pacing which would enhance the experience altogether.
  • Staying in clock with the narrating screen is something which you will have to learn to become a pro at or else there’s hardly any chance of exceeding in the field.

How to help voice over artists when they settle in Dubai recording studio for their final takes:

  • It definitely takes a little bit of timing and concentration to be able to master the job of narrating to screen which is why the artists should always be handed the script few days earlier so they can enjoy.
  • Help them a little with sense of timing by providing some context to the picture and script. Communicate what you expect them to produce and how you think it can be done better.
  • Help them by staying by their side and allowing a few mistakes and mess-ups so they know exactly where they are wrong and what needs to be settled beforehand. Make it a safe collaboration environment and allow ideas and thoughts to seep in.
  • Try to be constructive with the criticism because when you cut them in middle they are surely going to take it personally which is why you must choose your words carefully so that you don’t offend them but instead be able to convey your words the right way.
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