Oil and Gas Jobs In Dubai

As UAE is a country blessed with millions of barrels of gas and oil, and has played an important role in the petroleum industry in the middle east, and UAE has the third largest field in the middle east. “ The Zukam Field”, Dubai is a very important hub for this oil and gas industry in UAE and playing a vital role in the economy , as the scale of industry and production is huge, so the demand of labor is also huge and there are thousands of vacancies are available in Dubai, for oil and gas industry.

Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies In Dubai

There are hundreds of Gas and Oil  recruitment agencies in UAE, the purpose of these agencies is to provide job opportunities to the people in UAE and all over the world for the vacancies available in Dubai for gas and oil industry, usually these agencies have multiple offices all over and  contractors all over the world for providing recruitment and staffing services, there are different sectors in the gas and oil industry, for example energy, infrastructure and process. These agencies have different vacancies for different positions in different sectors, vacancies ragging from offshore pipe fitters to field technicians, to geotechnical engineer and to administration department and field specialists. You can conduct an executive search in Dubai at great ease.

Fee Charged By Recruitment Agencies

  • These agencies usually charge a fee calculated to the amount of the annual salary of the employee, and it’s based upon the position, the amount of the annual salary and the quantity of candidates employed within your These agencies usually charge 15 to 25 percent of the first year annual salary, these agencies are paid by the employees not  the candidates, although agency can charge some additional amount from the candidates for printing and submitting CVs.

Best Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies In Dubai

  • There are hundreds of oil and gas recruitment agencies are in Dubai, so there is a tuff competition between them, every agencies is trying to provide their best services to their employees, so in this competition to become the best ,many agencies decreased their fee and charge rates and sometimes giving free recruitments to some of their important clients, and this competition of becoming the best is coming out to be a benefit for the employees to get the best services and opportunities in less fees and charges.
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