Facts about Filipino food

Facts about Filipino food

Filipino is regarded as the next big thing in the culinary world and there is no doubt in the fact that its inspiration drawn from many different cuisines coming together as one blending local taste is something to really cherish. Maybe this is the reason that Chinese food in Sharjah along with Filipino food delivery in Abu Dhabi is enjoyed the most. And if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading:

  • Rice is the staple food

No Filipino meal is completed without rice because it is one of those foods which will be consumed in every part of the day, then whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is the starchy plan flavour and texture of rice that makes it the perfect companion to salty and savoury local dishes. There are many different types of rice that Filipinos enjoy eating which would include, cooked white rice, burnt rice, left over rice or even fried rice – it’s enjoyable as long as it’s rice.

  • Sauces are a must

Dipping sauces which are served alongside most of the fried munching items is one of those important part of meal which most Filipinos won’t eat their meals without. Most famous sauces are soy sauce, fish sauce and even spiced vinegar which is most enjoyed with fried fish. There are no limitations and boundaries to creating a dipping sauce and mixing it up with your favourite dishes. As long as you are enjoying the dips, there’s nothing more to be worried about.

  • Every animal part is cooked

If you thought that in Filipino cuisine only included the meaty delicacies then you may want to get your facts straight because Filipinos are a bunch of resourceful chefs and eaters. They won’t let anything go to waste and there’s a recipe available for every single part of animals which they eat. This is also the reason that most foreigners are surprised to find chicken intestines being barbequed on the streets and sold as isaw.

  • All hands on deck

While it is very uncommon for people in West to be seen eating food with hands, Philippines would take up the challenge. Their traditional way of eating food is by hands when they mix up all the flavours and enjoy the delicacy without any medium.

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