November 30, 2022
Attributes of an ACCA professional

Attributes of an ACCA professional

ACCA which stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountant is one of the most leading professional fields in the world. It is recognized worldwide and the qualified people receive preference over other employees in the business department. To become an ACCA professional you have to pass several challenging exams which are quite tough and difficult to clear in one attempt. But the entire course of ACCA is quite flexible for the students as they can choose the amount of their papers in each attempt as according to their own convenience.

But you must be very cautious in choosing the institute for your ACCA. If you are confused regarding this aspect then you can explore about ACCA in Malaysia as there you will get a number of well known institutes. For this purpose you will also get an official webpage regarding ACCA course in Malaysia. It is better to visit this website first so that you could estimate about ACCA in Malaysia fees. This will help you in selecting your ACCA institute as according to your financial capacity.

In this article we will discuss about the attributes of an ACCA professional so keep on reading to get further knowledge regarding this aspect.

Must possess business skills and techniques

This is one of the basic attribute which must be present in every ACCA professional. Business skills and techniques are the key elements which are quite essential for the success of a company. ACCA professional is usually appointed as a head of finance department of a company. He is responsible to maintain the financing records of the company. On the other hand he will also make some strategic plans and guidelines to enhance the profit rate of the respective organization and enable it to stand out among other competitors in the business world.

Appropriate decision making

As mentioned above that an ACCA professional is usually appointed as the head of the finance department. He has to work with a team of skillful employees so it is quite important for him to have a true quality of leadership. He must be capable enough to make appropriate decision for the company and convince other employees as well to follow that decision.

Good communication skills

Apart from leadership and techniques, good communication skills also matters a lot. This is important because an ACCA professional has to deal with different clients and customers everyday for which good communication is quite essential. On the other hand as an in charge of the finance department, the ACCA qualifier has to coordinate with his junior employees as well so again good communication skills are required.

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