Restaurant Design Trends That Will Take over 2018

Restaurant Design Trends That Will Take over 2018

The hospitality industry is gearing up for 2018, which is why there are a lot of restaurateurs and dining establishment owners who are making some revamp before the year ends, not only with their menus, but on how their restaurants would look to entice their target audience.

With this, they are looking into getting their business places renovated and doing some changes might be a good way to welcome the year. If you are a restaurateur who is looking to make some revamp on your dining space, here are some design trends that you can use as reference:

  • Home-themed designs

Home-themed dining spaces are on the rise this year. There are a lot of restaurateurs who take some ideas from a home design in Dubai and implement this on their business. Nowadays, you will see a lot of restaurants designed like a bedroom, or even a bathroom. Quirky as it may seem, the point of these designs is to make the customers and patrons comfortable, making them feel that they are dining in the comforts of their own homes.

  • Open kitchen plan

Back in the days, owners of dining space opted to hide the kitchen so the customers will not be able to see what’s going inside it, thus, keeping their secrets forever. But nowadays, customers find it comforting to see how their meals are prepared. There are restaurants who are offering this kind of dining experience to their diners as a form of presentation and entertainment. An open kitchen plan can help drive curious diners to check out what the restaurant is offering with their own eyes.

  • Art-inspired dining

Art and dining have always been hand-in-hand on enticing target audience. This trend has been going on for decades and it is not slowing down. This kind of restaurant design in Dubai attract a specific kind of audience – the ones with distinct and unique taste. Although they are not mainstream, this segment of the market is quite loyal which makes them very attractive to target.

  • Industrial concept

The industrial design concept was started by business places who want to give their space a very unique look. And for 2018, the restaurants might be joining the bandwagon. Dining enthusiasts might be seeing raw materials, tastefully incorporated in the design next year.

  • Eco-friendly dining spaces

What better way to help the environment and drive people is to have an eco-friendly space. Diners today are quite conscious of how their favorite dining establishments are helping combat climate change. Which is why most dining establishments convert their spaces to eco-friendly and energy efficient dining spaces.

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