How to hire an auditing company

How to hire an auditing company

There are several factors that should be considered when choosing amongst the many auditing companies around these days. The kinds of skills that you should be looking out for in such companies are inclusive of their strategies, costs, and capabilities.

Size of accounting firm: Bigger auditing companies are often able to offer far more experience that they have gained and a bigger share of sources to sketch upon, but that may come at a high price than a smaller company.

Related experience: You will likely want to know that the firm you are hiring has dealt with customers in your industry. For example, if you are a not-for-profit company then you may want to ensure that the allocated auditing company in DMCC has performed audits of NPO customers that are similar to you.

Staff continuity: A substantial amount of time and effort is typically spent by businesses in coaching auditors on their particular techniques and strategies. As far as it is possible, the company should endeavour to keep the same group allocated to your audits in following years, to avoid having to put in added efforts and price that this re-training enforces on you and your group.

Quality control program: Many auditing firms have developed their own extensive top quality guarantee techniques, including coaching programs for groups, and recorded systems and techniques which they use to perform their audits. One question you may wish to ask is whether there are several levels of evaluation of the service that is taken up for the management of accounts.


Auditing techniques and methodologies: There are a number of techniques to providing auditing services, and it is helpful to understand the variations between each when analysing these companies. These may consist of, for example, purposeful or risk-based techniques and value-added techniques concentrated on determining enhancement possibilities for your accounts.

Team mix: In auditing companies large enough to have evaluation associates, professional accountants and auditors, and fresh employees, it is important to know roughly how many hours will be invested on the evaluation involvement by individual. If there is little participation of the associate, then the skills and experience of the other group becomes of higher interest and significance.


The estimated charges will usually rely on you offering the auditor with required certification, assisting operating documents and the planning of year-end fiscal reports. For more information on costs, go to website and you will be guided accordingly.

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