5 Innovative Ways to Reach Out to Your Target Consumers

5 Innovative Ways to Reach Out to Your Target Consumers

Marketing is a key process in promoting the goods and services of a business to its target market. It involves a variety of strategies, including advertising, market research, branding, and packaging, among others.

Today, the way businesses do marketing has evolved as newer technologies and platforms emerged with the advent of the internet and smartphones. Before, marketing primarily used print media such as fliers, brochures, newspaper ads, and radio and TV.

Though these remain to be major channels that businesses use to get their message across to their audiences, a lot of companies are starting to heavily invest in new digital media platforms to broaden their reach and boost their marketing efforts. In addition, digital marketing platforms usually need minimum capital and operational cost, but yield substantial returns and impressive results.

Here are some three digital marketing methods that businesses should consider employing to tap into potential customers and keep existing ones.

  • Social Media – Statistics say there are currently 2.34 billion people who use social networks worldwide. Experts have forecasted that this astounding figure might balloon to 2.95 billion by 2020, representing about one-third of the world’s population. Facebook alone has 1.87 active users, while Twitter sees 319 million active users monthly. With such a great reach, numerous businesses are turning to social media to be present where their consumers are. Social media marketing is especially cost-effective for small businesses, as they do not need to spend significantly on advertisements to establish their brand and business in the market.
  • Text Messages – Short message service (SMS), or simply known as text messaging, presents another valuable opportunity for businesses to reach out to their audiences. The latest numbers show there are 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, around 97 percent of the total human population of 7 billion. SMS marketing companies can help businesses identify the people they should reach out to, so a business can focus on a specific audience to raise its chances of success. Additionally, an SMS marketing company can use their own database of users, or they can leverage your records of customers to initiate this strategy. Visit this website to know more about how SMS marketing can work for your business.
  • E-mail – A 2015 study shows that approximately 2.5 billion people have an e-mail, or about 1 in 3 people worldwide. Furthermore, 53 percent of people use their smartphones to check their e-mails, which means they can see your message wherever they may be. This makes e-mail marketing one of the cost-effective methods to keep in touch with your customers, provided that you do not bombard them with advertisements or spam e-mails.

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