4 Types of Promotional Events for Your Business

4 Types of Promotional Events for Your Business

Event marketing is a crucial marketing activity to boost the brand recognition and recall of your business. It is meant to make people know or learn more about your business, if you are just new to the industry. If you are an established brand in the market, it can help you introduce new products or services, remind your target audience of your brand, or simply attract new customers. Below, we will highlight four types of marketing events that can help proper your business and brand to further success.

  • Fundraising for a charity – Supporting a charitable organisation and raising funds for them is one way to put forward the Corporate Social Responsibility activities of your business. This event marketing method kills two birds with one stone – you get to earn more support and financial aid to help your chosen charitable organisation, and you build awareness on the advocacies of your business, which improves the way people perceive your business. However, be sure to do this not just to promote your business, but to sincerely help a cause.
  • Shopping mall activity – Holding events at malls is one of the most popular corporate event management dubai. It could be a free mall activity where people can just go and participate in the activities you have lined up for them. For example, if your business specialises in baby products, holding a family-oriented event at the mall can showcase the advantages of using your baby products. Invite parents to come in and share information that will help them take better care of their babies, with the help of your baby products.
  • Trade expo – This event is a gathering of businesses that want to highlight their products and services to potential clients and other service providers. Business fairs and trade exhibitions also serve to expand the network of contacts of a business, as well as provide them an insight on what their competitors are doing, and what the general outlook of their market or industry is. Events like these usually take several days to gain momentum and enable professionals and company executives to visit the trade expo when their schedules allow them.

Sampling – Sampling is a very effective way to get people to try your products or services, as well as to raise brand awareness among your target consumers. It gives your customers a clear idea of the quality and the advantages that your product or service offers – and the best part is they can give it a try for free. This especially works for food products. When a customer likes the taste of your product, they can opt to buy it right then and there. For service providers, giving your customers a free trial of their services allows them to gauge the quality and performance of the service, giving them time to make a decision based on the results of your service. If you do a great job, they will no doubt sign up! For more information on how you can use event marketing for your business, visit this website.

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